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Doesn’t everybody want a phone case that is as awesome as their phone? You buy an awesome iPhone or Samsung Galaxy but the usual phone case hides the body of your mobile phone. And all the splendor of the mobile is hidden behind that case. A price you pay for the safety of your phone. But what if you could get the best of both the worlds? Caseterrium has come up with a magnetic phone case that is transparent from above and below as it is made up of glass! A perfect solution to maintain the looks and style of your phone while protecting it from all the odds.

Caseterrium’s mobile phone case has a metal frame that imparts its sturdiness. And this metal frame holds a very good quality tempered glass. And the cherry on the top? The top and bottom parts of the metal frame join seamlessly through several magnets studded all through the rim of the frames. These upper and lower metal frames join seamlessly to give a great finish. Interesting isn’t it?

Features of the Magnetic Phone Case

So, let’s dig a bit deeper into the awesomeness of this magnetic phone case.

#1: Tempered Glass on Both Sides or Just One

The case comes in two variants regarding the positioning of the tempered glass. The first version has a tempered glass at the bottom and the second one has the glass, both at the bottom as well as above.

Some people prefer direct touch with the screen. The first one is a great choice for them. The other one is for those who want to be doubly sure and do not mind a tempered glass on the screen. Additionally, the tempered glass is of high quality giving both protection and ultimate touch experience.

#2: The frame is made up of metal, not plastic:

The frame of the magnetic phone case is made up of metal, not plastic. This imparts sturdiness to the phone and protects it in the case of a fall. Also, the frame does not bend when pressed from between, as is the scenario with plastic cases. Also, the metal frame looks much better than the plastic ones.

#3: Hole for Antenna:

Haven’t many of us experienced disturbed signals as the antenna is covered by the mobile case? This will not be the problem with this case, as it has a hole for the antenna. Thus your signals have a freeway and the voice will be crystal clear. After all, that is the primary function why you bought the phone in the first place.

#4: Multi-Point Magnets resulting in the easy installation:

Now for the most interesting feature of the case. There are magnets studded all through the rim of the magnetic phone case. Simply hold the lower frame on your palm, keep your phone over it, and place the upper frame on top of the mobile. That is it. Easy installation. Its simplicity makes it easy to disintegrate as well. Making cleaning it, a task of a few moments.

Also, these magnets are very strong. Thus, protecting it from any breakage due to falling or any other accident.

#5: Seamless Precise Cutouts:

The metal frame is cut with extreme caution. Making it fit seamlessly with one another. Once the magnets join them, the frames fit perfectly. Also, there are precise cutouts for all the charger points, antenna, speakers, etc. depending upon your phone model.

#6: High-Quality Tempered Glass:

The tempered glass provided with this Caseterrium magnetic phone case is of very good quality. We understand that the security of your phone is of utmost importance to you. Thus, our tempered glass toughening requirements have strict guidelines. And they ensure that your phone is protected from damages.

And it is not only tough, but the tempered glass gives a perfect touch experience. Giving all-rounder functionality.

#8: Available In Many Colors:

Everybody has their own preference regarding colors. Sometimes due to the color of the phone model and sometimes due to personal choices. So, the case comes in three colors. The metal frame is colored while the glass remains clear and transparent. The three available colors are black, red, and white.

#7: High Strength Fall Resistance:

Finally, the combination of metal and glass is a very high strength formula. You can rest assured, that if by mistake your mobile falls, then, it is completely safe. The tempered glass will take the entire blow on itself and the metal frame will protect your phone from damage.

Why You Should Definitely Go For Caseterrium Magnetic Phone Case?

Caseterrium Magnetic Phone Case brings together style and functionality beautifully. It makes your premium mobile phone keep looking premium. While it is also safe from all the accidental damages. Every so often, we sigh that the beauty of our phone is hidden behind the case. Well, that can stop now.

Also, this case is made for each and every person that likes style. It is classy and chic. And since it is available in many colors, it can complement any mobile phone.

Plus it aces in functionality with perfect cutouts, good quality raw materials, and a dependable magnetic concept.

What else do you need? Looks, style, and functionality, all packed in one single package! And rates are also affordable!

Why should you buy from Caseterrium?

Caseterrium has over 37,000 happy customers worldwide. Which in itself suggests our good quality and service. And if you want some support over anything, our support team is always up and ready for any help possible.

We have full confidence in our products and that is why we provide a 60-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact us and we will refund the full amount. Though, we are sure you would not need it.

Lastly, we use trusted payment methods as your security is our utmost concern. You can rest assured that your privacy will always be taken care of. So, go on and shop with complete peace of mind.

Happy Shopping!

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